Our Mission is to provide quality work for different needs.

From our humble beginning as a timber works specialist in the early 1990s operating under the parent company name of Tat Hin Timber Pte Ltd, specializing in interior works such as timber flooring as well as external timber decking and trellises, we have since developed into a full fledge construction company as a subsidiary of Tat Hin Timber since the year 2000.

Our business operation is organized into 2 main divisions, i.e. Main-Con Division and the Specialist Works Division.

The Main-Con Division’s main focus is in the tendering and construction of the successfully tendered projects. In 2005, we started to include the design and build service to our clients, offering them value-added services such as value engineering and designconstruction impact analysis to better manage construction resources and improve overall project efficiency and productivity.

The Specialist Works Division includes the Timber Works Department, Structural Steelwork Department and the Structural Works Department. The Timber Works Department provides specialist timber works solution such as timber flooring, outdoor pavilion and trellises, timber decking and timber cladding façade to the construction industry. The Structural Steelwork Department is a specialist contractor of steel structures and metal works while the Structural Works Department specializes in reinforced concrete structural works.


Improve operational efficiencies and ultimately, consistently delivering high quality projects to our valued clients.


Realizing the full potential of latest technologies in construction

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