In response to the ability to meet the challenging needs of the construction and civil engineering market and that of the clients, the Management and Employees of Tat Hin Builders Pte Ltd is committed to achieving client satisfaction, on-time delivery and minimal defects while protecting our environment, our employees and the community, these are the fundamental values in our business.

We are committed to providing the necessary resources and training systems to achieve our objectives and to continually improve our quality, environment, health and safety performance.

This could be achieved through consideration of the context of the organisation and aligning the Integrated Management System with the strategic direction of Tat Hin Builders Pte Ltd.
Our commitment to quality, environment, health and safety are as follow:

  • To create a set of key quality, environmental, health and safety performance indicators, measuring and monitoring them to ensure continual improvement.
  • To create a culture that quality, environmental, health and safety are an integral part of work operations.
  • To strive for zero quality defects, environmental, health and fatal safety incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • The company is committed to complying with all relevant legal and other requirements in our product and services.
  • To identify and comply with duties and responsibilities of an individual for quality, environmental, health and safety control.
  • To provide safe and healthy conditions of employment for all project employees.
  • To provide site works that do not endanger members of the public, employees, sub-contractors and workers through effective risk management.
  • To equip all employees, sub-contractors and workers with the knowledge and skills in quality, environmental, health and safety to achieve a high level of awareness and apply them to prevent accidents at their workplace.
  • To adopt environmental friendly best practices, address the public needs and concerns, consideration for public accessibility, mitigating construction noise, vibrations, disturbance to neighbours in order to align with Green and Gracious requirements.
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